Developed in partnership with the Tennessee Rural Community Opioid Response Consortium, this training and resources have been developed to help the general public about the prevalence of Opioid Use Disorder, risk factors and signs of misuse, and the role of Naloxone in overdose response.  Learning objectives include:

  1. Learn about the opioid epidemic, including its prevalence. 
  2. Identify common risk factors, signs, and symptoms of misuse.
  3. Explain the role of naloxone as an opioid overdose reversal medication and how to administer it appropriately.

Audience: General population

Approximate Duration: 25 minutes

To Complete the Course:

  • Login (link top right). Members will be directed to RHA's main site to login. Guests will be asked to create a new user login (membership not required).
  • Begin the course. Click "View Course" (below) to begin.
  • Complete lessons. Use the navigation menu or 'Continue Buttons' to advance through the training. 
  • Read the lesson materials. Learners must complete all activities and videos to receive credit.

View the FAQ section for additional information or troubleshooting.

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