This module requires independent work conducting a career research assessment within the healthcare industry along with developing skills needed to acquire an entry-level healthcare position. Learning objectives include:

  1. Develop careers goals aligned to personal interests, skills and experiences.
  2. Research qualifications and job opportunities within the healthcare sector.
  3. Create a resume and cover letter suited for the healthcare.
  4. Prepare for interview experiences.
  5. Learn about apprenticeship pathway programs.

Audience: Youth 16+; Adults exploring healthcare careers.

Approximate Duration:
1.5 - 2 hours

To Complete the Course:

  • Login (link top right). Members will be directed to RHA's main site to login. Guests will be asked to create a new user login (membership not required).
  • Begin the course. Click "View Course" (below) to begin.
  • Complete lessons. Use the navigation menu or 'Continue Buttons' to advance through the training. 
  • Read the lesson materials. Learners must complete all activities and videos to receive credit.

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