Rural Health Association of Tennessee hosted it's 27th Annual Conference in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee on November 17-19, 2021. We would like to share some of the PowerPoints and resources from our presenters.

Please click the following link to view the conference booklet for speakers names and session learning objectives:

2021 Annual Conference Booklet

Presentation PowerPoints
Keynote: Eliminating Health Disparities Statewide in Tennessee
Keynote: Post Covid Conversations Access to Resources
Plenary Topic: Dental Disease, the National Symbol of Social Inequality; Oral Health Promotion: Evidences and Strategies for Rural Communities
Extending Pediatric Clinical Services to Rural Communities: A Successful Model of Care
Keeping it Real, Making it Personal: Shedding Light On Behavioral Health
Identifying Strategies to Sustain Rural Health Systems and Promote Economic Development
The Road Map to Rural Area Services & Resources
Community Engagement in the Prevention of Prescription Drug Misuse
Comparing Public Stigma Associated with Mental Illness in Rural and Non-Rural Populations
Addressing the Social Determinants of Health Through Primary Prevention
Time to Talk: Empowering Rural Health Care Providers and Patients to Engage in Health Care Cost Conversations
Another Layer: Working Mothers and the COVID-19 Pandemic
Understanding the Numbers: Data Sources and Trends in Rural Overdose Deaths in Tennessee
Radon and Lung Cancer in Tennessee
Developing Rural Primary Care Residency Programs
Implementing Social Determinants of Health Screening in a Rural Primary Care Clinic
Implementing Collaborative Obstetrics and Midwifery Practices to Address Access to Healthcare in Rural Tennessee
Skill Up Tennessee: Developing the Rural Workforce
Be the One: Preventing Suicide in the Workplace
Compassion Fatigue & Rebuilding Mental Fortitude
You Don’t Have to be a Large Corporation to Impact Rural Social Determinants of Health
Multisector Response to Rural Opioid Overdose Prevention Across East Tennessee
Providing Care for Students During Covid-19

Course Details

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